Sunday, September 10, 2006

Please Pray for President Bush

Please Pray for President Bush

James Risen’s new book State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration is interesting. The problem is the author has a history of unfairness and bias.

Risen is the coauthor of a previous book called Wrath of Angels: The American Abortion Wars whose book proclaimed the "rise and fall of the American anti- abortion movement."

The book saidthat the abortion movement won the war. I guess that’s why top Democrats are now claiming to be pro-life or trying to reach out pro-life voters. They are not about to stopping the killing, but want to pretend to be pro-life to get votes.

One pro-life reviewer called the book “fiction ”as well as bias “cloak and dagger conspiracy” writing. Another said that it uses “caricature” and unfair “heavy- handed psychological explanations.”

Getting back to the war book, the major problem is as one reviewer of State of War, who liked the book on the whole, said:

“One major problem with ‘State of War’ is its total lack of documentation.”

The book claims that Donald Rumsfeld, with help of Dick Cheney ignore the President and set the agenda for the entire foreign policy. According to the book Bush at one point “was determine not to ‘waste another American life on a narco-state, [Afghanistan]’ stressing that the United States had to destroy the poppy crop.”

Risen writes that Rumsfeld just ignored Bush on this and other issues and pursued “his own foreign policy.”

The book does say what other sources have confirmed that the biggest disaster for our country in the Iraqi war was CIA Director George Tenet. He told the president and Colin Powell that “the case for the existence of Iraqi WMD was a slam dunk.”

Tenet’s "assurances" to Powell that were "inaccurate intelligence" lead the then Secretary of State to support the war. Without Powell’s support because of Tenet’s "assurances, Bush in my opinion would not have started the war.

Another big disaster according to Risen was Rumsfeld’s total lack of planning for postwar and the “toppl[ing] of the existing class structure of Iraq.” The book says that the Pentagon wanted to keep the Baarth Iraqi government and army intact, but Bush “vetoed” this idea repeatedly because he wanted a new democratically elected government.

This decision was a major reason for the chaos we now have in Iraqi. Christian and former Saddam air force general Georges Sada, who believes that Bush’s war in Iraqi was generally good, thinks that ending the existing class structure of Iraq has caused a majority of the problems in present day Iraq.

President Bush needs to listen to Iraqi patriots like Sada who love their country and are not part of the present power struggle in that country.

Abortionists like Risen are bias and want Bush to fail because their anti-Christian agenda will be advanced. We cannot believe everything written in this book is fact, but when other evidence supports what he says is true then we must realize that President Bush needs our prayers. We need to pray that he receives the wisdom and strength of will to put men around him or keep men around him who can bring order to Iraq and save the Republican party.

We know without doubt that the Democrat party will lead our country to greater war. Catholics know from Fatima that wars come from sin. While there are many problems with the Republicans they are the only political hope to stop the mass killing of unborn babies. Please pray for President Bush.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Do Sexual Revolutionaries Control the American Catholic Church?

Do Sexual Revolutionaries Control the American Catholic Church?

Catholic journalist Paul Likoudis in his book “Amchurch Comes Out: The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda” presents a case that sexual revolutionaries are to some extent in control of the American Catholic Church. The key theme of the book is the many of the US bishops are sexual revolutionaries with an agenda.

Their agenda according to the book includes the use of sex education to promote homosexuality throughout Catholic schools, parishes, colleges, etc. These bishops are doing this despite the simultaneous sex scandals of the past two decades. In fact, they have hastened their promotion of homosexuality.

Likoudis said that those who have attempted to expose both the sex scandals and homosexual education, “have been hammered, marginalized, isolated and even excommunicated by their bishops.”

The book documents that since the 1950s many bishops’ offices and other top management positions within the Church were filled by men of “perverse sexuality.“ These men created an old boy network with those of like mind to protect themselves as well as corrupt the sexual morality of Catholics in catechism and by sex abuse.

This old boy network according to the book was in large part put together by Joseph Cardinal Berdardin.

The Cardinal, as creator of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United States Catholic Conference, has been called “the most influential bishop in the history of America.”

Likoudis says in the book that Berdardin has “consoled and empowered dissenters while professing his loyalty to his Roman superiors; as an architect of proposals to deconstruct the Roman liturgy, Catholic education and the all-important field of catechetics.”

Furthermore “Amchurch Comes Out” documents that “ one after another of Berdardin’s closest clerical friends from his native Diocese of Charleston made the newspapers for charges of pedophilia: Fr Eugene Condon, Fr Justin Goodwin, Fr James Robert Owen-Howard, Fr FX Seitz, in addition to continuing allegations against [Monsignor Frederick] Hopwood...[r]eputedly, he was Berdardin’s best friend and seminary roommate.”

Likoudis also shows that not only were Berdardin’s friends were involved in alleged sex abuse, but that some of his closest bishop friends were responsible for pedophiles such as Fr Kos of Dallas.

“Amchurch Comes Out” as well exposes a number of other lesser know bishops and church leaders who were Berdardin clones. The thread that ties all these church leaders together is their pro-gay advocacy and activism “to deconstruct the Roman liturgy, Catholic education and the all-important field of catechetics.”

Fr Wilson who wrote the preface of the book says the reason for this deconstruction is:

“If sexual autonomy is one’s goal, one will not want the traditional Mass as the central symbol of the Faith, for the very form it takes will always seem a reproach... [a] nd as for catechesis: well, why else would one promulgate religion textbooks that avoided subjects such as commandments, precepts of the Church, original sin; why else would one find situation ethics attractive -- unless one were anxious to usher in a new religion, one much more amenable to one’s whims.”

The book is definitely adult reading with many horror stories that can help the reader understanding why the Catholic scandal will continuing to happen unless the Vatican makes the reform of the US bishops a major priority.

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