Friday, September 28, 2007

“'The Only Game' as Babe Ruth once called it."

This is from my brother Joe.


“'The Only Game' as Babe Ruth once called it."

With the falling of honest Hank's home run record and the surreal spectacle surrounding this event, I suppose you can now say the diva-ization of baseball is now complete.

It is now about individual achievement and push aside team accomplishment. We all can thank the players union and their accomplices. Money hungry team owners for the mess baseball now finds itself in.

The post ' 94 baseball world has led to mass visual advertising in every location a T.V. camera can spot, in ball yards more liken to pinball machine design yet with traditional edifices to hide it. Fit all this with the carnival like atmosphere of massive overblown caricatures sporting almost pajama like uniforms and the post strike era has wrought its prize.

Begun by the commercialization of the other pursuit for the most cherished record in baseball the circle is now complete. Hopefully the supposed guardians of the sport can now go forwards to recapture the true beauty of the only game as Babe Ruth once called it.


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