Sunday, January 06, 2008

Democrats Boo Hillary

Democrats Boo Hillary

January 5, 2008

By Newsmax Staff

As if coming in a shocking third in the Iowa caucuses weren't humiliating enough, Hillary Clinton had to endure being booed by fellow Democrats, not once but twice.

Appearing at the New Hampshire Democratic Party 100 Club dinner Thursday night, Mrs. Clinton was twice greeted by a chorus of boos from some of the 3000 guests at the affair, the largest political dinner in New Hampshire history, according to Time Magazine's Swampland blog.

Noting that when rival Barack Obama rose to speak "the crowd surged forward chanting 'O-bam-a' and 'Fired Up, Ready to Go!' " Time wrote that by comparison Hillary was twice booed -- the first time when she said she has always and will continue to work for "change for you." The audience, particularly from Obama supporters who were waving Obama signs, let out a noise that sounded like a thousand peole collectively groaning.

The second round of boos came when she said: "There are two big questions for voters in New Hampshire. One is: who will be ready to lead from day one? The second, who can we nominate who will go the distance against the Republicans?”

During that second round, Time reported, Mrs. Clinton was forced to pause as boos from the crowd mixed with cheers from her own supporters.

The Swampland concluded that if the dinner "is any bell weather – Barack Obama will handily win here."


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